Kingdom Perspectives exists to equip the Body of Christ with the principles and culture of the kingdom of God that will help the Big C Church as it shares the Good News with the world. We do this by providing various opportunities to engage God’s word (Training and Discipleship), space to interact with Him (Restorative & Listening Prayer), and sacred space for rest and restoration (RaphaHouse).
We also forge strategic partnerships with other ministries (like Hope4Nations) and ministers (we have partners literally around the world), as well as countless individuals as we pursue God’s Kingdom together.

Founders Caleb & Lydia Camp

In the mid-’90s, Caleb and Lydia had a profound experience with the Gospel through a group of Christians that showed them the love of the Father.  This experience sent them on a journey from a life of drugs, alcohol, and self to pursuing disciple-making among the nations.  Along the way, they have learned much about the Father’s heart for them and the nations, and have continued to grow in God’s grace and healing.  Their desire is to bring others into a place where they can discover who they are in Christ and experience intimacy with God.  Through discipleship, training, and restorative prayer, they have been engaging countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe in some form (both short-term and long-term) since 1999.