As followers of Jesus, we’ve been born again into the Kingdom of God.  Scripture repeatedly talks about the paradigm shift that happens when we place our faith and hope in Jesus and submit to him as Lord.  It says that we can see and enter the Kingdom.  It calls us strangers, foreigners and sojourners.  It says that we are now citizens of Heaven.  That means we have a new set of laws, practices and culture that set us apart as the Church.

The only way we can learn about this culture, so that we can adopt it and live as ambassadors of the Kingdom, is through His word.  

At Kingdom Perspectives, we provide multiple avenues for people to encounter God’s word, see the world through His Perspective, and intentionally engage the world for Him.  These include opportunities to be involved in a house-church style community, various training focused on different aspects of Kingdom culture, and other resources including books and training materials.