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Description: Hospitality has been practiced by the people of God dating back through the entire Old Testament (Consider Abraham and Lot). Today, many of those practices are still in place throughout much of the Middle East. God, however, has called the whole church to participate in Kingdom hospitality. In fact, it is an integral part of the culture of the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom hospitality encompasses much more than simply hosting people out of the kindness of our hearts. This book is a journey into the heart, attitude and mindset of the hospitality of God and the beginning of a life of Kingdom hospitality.

Through an exploration of Scripture, culture and calling, you’ll discover the beauty of Kingdom hospitality and its importance in the expression of our Christian faith.

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Description: What happens when our dreams and expectations become the source of our greatest disappointments?

After pastoring and serving on the foreign mission field for sixteen years, Mark and his wife, Michelle, were suddenly pulled back to the United States with the tragic and unexpected loss of their twenty-year old daughter. Their journey through grief, pain, and disappointment has been a shining example of the abundant grace of God in their lives.

In his book, Shattered, Mark pulls back the veil of disappointment and unmet expectations by revealing that our circumstances do not have to dictate our future; that in the midst of life’s storms, joy can be found in the journey. If you are or ever have walked through disappointment of any kind, this book is for you. In its pages you will find more than just a reason to keep going, you will find the peace and purpose that has been prepared for you in the midst of darkness.