With family, friends, school, work and just life itself, we can be easily distracted from our relationship with God.  Add to that the disappointments, hurts and traumas we experience along the way, and sometimes we find ourselves feeling distant and disconnected from God.  Sometimes it’s very difficult to find and make the space to try to intentionally reconnect and work through some of these roadblocks.  

At Kingdom Perspectives, we have space set aside for you to come and meet with God.  This space allows you an opportunity for a quiet getaway where God can speak to you about the things that are on your heart and His.  This is a time for Him to realign, reprioritize and reposition our hearts, minds and spirits with His.

If you come for a Restorative & Listening Prayer session, you can expect to spend 1-3 hours with God, and somebody else that will help you pray and listen.  You can expect a time that is specifically set aside for you.  You can expect an honoring experience between you and God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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